Fishnet Racer Back Tank Top,FN03BLK,Black,One-Size

January 30, 2015 - Comment

One size fits most racer back fishnet tank top comes in large array of fun colors. Seamless fabric has incredible stretch and fits from child M to adult XL!Due to the dyeing process, some colors may vary slightly. Size: One Size More from my siteBack to the Roots AquaFarm v2 (Packaging May Vary)Jardin Aquarium Fish

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Brittany says:

It’s comfortable! I wore one pair of fishnet stocking years’ ago and got rid of them the same day because they were not comfortable at all to wear and a part of me thought this shirt would be the same, but a costume I had in mind called for it, so I wanted to at least try. I was very surprised to find that it not only worked in terms’ of achieving to look I was going for, but also that it is comfortable which is always a preferred bonus for me. It arrived quickly and in more than enough time for the convention, now I just need to work on the rest of the costume. Thank You.

JeepChick_TJ says:

cute c; I’m not really sure why I got this in the first place but it has come in handy for concerts and just staying cool. its not an everyday thing to wear but it is still cute for those special occasions or well you know!

I don't know says:

Amazing I wasent expecting the delivery until next week and it showed up at my door step today :) I was very surprised. It fits we’ll, and looks very good on me :)

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